Fashion Jewelry Care

LilyFair fashion jewelry have been exclusively designed and created to meet the highest desire of fashion 🙂 ! To enjoy its beauty for a long time, you may pay special attention and handle them with care following our tips below Avoid direct contact with corrosive agents such as soap, cream, sweat, water, sun, heat and…


Old Glamour in New Shine- Grammys 2013 Fashion and Jewelry Highlights

The fashion style of Grammys 2013 is definitely becoming so much more interesting and “old-fashion” thanks to the CBS’s dress code…The wardrobe standards from CBS made the fashion of Grammys 2013 less skin showing outrageous but more favor to retro-inspired. Here are some memorable fashion moments in Grammys 2003, and I definitely believe they will strongly influence the fashion trend 2013:


Independence Day Jewelry Fashion

Jewelry up for holidays is always a challenge. You want to dress up for the occasion while still be fashionable, often it’s hard to be win-win.

When the Independence Day is around the corner, how to do you plan to stand up in the party this year?

LilyFair Jewelry presents two Special Festival Jewelry pieces for your July 4th fashion:


DIY Statement Jewelry Stand With Style

To create a stylish jewelry display comer is the best way to make our beautiful jewelry participate in the home decor. Of course it also help us to find the most occasion suitable jewelry much easier.
Here are some DIY jewelry display stand ideas from LilyFair Jewelry Pinterest Board