About Us

Lily’s Motto: Dream Big, Dream Pretty!

Our products always come with overflowing passion and love for perfection. Each piece of jewelry is creatively designed, carefully built and thoroughly examined to ensure the best quality for our customers.

LilyFair Jewelry believes your Jewelry is your personality - your life attitude!

We’ve spent nearly twenty years collaborating with the finest designers in China and all over the world to create luxurious jewelry for customers with a sense of high fashion and desire.






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Premium Feel

Using our own artistic sense, we select the most unique jewelry designs and offer the best prices to our customers. We treat each customer personally and endeavor to provide the finest in creative taste and expertise.

Eye-pleasing products

Each piece in the LilyFair Jewelry Collection is specifically designed or selected. To ensure their uniqueness, each piece is only available with limited quantity for a short time. Each piece has its own personality, seeking a match with its future owner.

Glamorous Touch

LilyFair Jewelry has built an broad alliance of artists and workshops over the years. We hand-pick the latest and most stylish fashion jewelry and often enjoy exclusive deals from our artists. We keep our prices low by sending you the jewelry directly from the workshops instead of via distributors.

LilyFair Jewelry also acts as a fashion buyer for several renowned clients including fashion brands, fashion magazines, celebrity clients and boutique stores.

Customer's Testimonials


LilyFair Jewelry is the best jewelry store that I have ever known. Excellent product quality, dedicated support, super fast delivery. Most of my jewelries have been purchased here. Thanks for the amazing fashions!