BlingBling Club Membership – LilyFair VIP Jewelry Box of the Month


Treat yourself with a mind-blowing surprise every month. Amaze yourself with our handpicked custom jewelry

Our stylist will hand pick a surprise box with 1-3 pieces of jewelry to match your unique style. Each box is unique – each box is custom picked just for you! And each box will be delivered straight to your door.

Magic Coffee and Baking Spice Writing Pen


The COOLEST way to write creative messages and drawings with all natural materials found in food, such as cinnamon, coffee grounds, instant cocoa powder, Hungarian paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar, and more. This spice pen offers a great way to surprise loved ones with a thoughtful message written in their favorite spice, and it’s perfect for adding a little extra ‘spice’ to parties and gatherings.