Magic Coffee and Baking Spice Writing Pen


The COOLEST way to write creative messages and drawings with all natural materials found in food, such as cinnamon, coffee grounds, instant cocoa powder, Hungarian paprika, ground parsley, ground sugar, and more. This spice pen offers a great way to surprise loved ones with a thoughtful message written in their favorite spice, and it’s perfect for adding a little extra ‘spice’ to parties and gatherings.

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If you are interested in cool accessories to complement your coffee art, then you’ll be so satisfied with this spice pen can do. This is essentially a pen to write/draw on top of your coffees – only, it doesn’t use ink, it uses spices. Cinnamon, paprika, chocolate powder can be used inside this little pen.

Be sure:

  • Read the manual;
  • Make sure the spice you put in is in fine power and no lumps.
  • Make sure the spice is dry.
  • All you need to do is to open up the chamber and then carefully spoon the dry and fine powder into the chamber. Make sure don’t overload the chamber.