Bluetooth Gloves Built-In Speaker and Microphone Touch Screen Gloves



  • Warm and comfortable capacitive-touch gloves with a Bluetooth headset built in!
  • Talk on the phone by extending your thumb and pinky-finger.
  • Talk to the hand! COOL!

There are a few fairly universal pantomimes that everybody in the civilized world understands, regardless of culture. Shake your head for ‘no,’ scribbling in mid-air for ‘check-please,’ thumb-and-pinky held up to the ear for ‘call-me.’ While we’re not sure exactly when it was that the ‘call-me’ pantomime appeared in our collective cultural jargonplex, we have it on good authority Bell’s assistant Watson would surreptitiously make the gesture to Mrs. Bell, much to her husband’s consternation.

It is embarrassing, then, to admit that it took 136 years for us to turn a universally recognized gesture into an actual working way to talk on the phone. Behold the telephone of the future, built right into your winter gloves! Warm gloves with conductive fibers let you operate your touch-screen phones and other devices – but with extra added Bluetooth capabilities!

In the left glove’s thumb is a tiny speaker, and in the pinky is a wee microphone. By extending them both in the usual hand-gesture, you can chat with your friends for up to 20 hours on a charge! Gone are the days where talking into thin air will brand you a crazy-person! Now you can show the world that you can actually talk to the hand, and with excellent sound-quality!

Hatching Eggs Best True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Earphone Charging Case


The World’s Smallest Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic and Noise Cancelling. Cutting edge technology allows for 3 hours of continuous play / talk time on a single charge thanks to an upgraded rechargeable li-ion battery. Charging is a breeze with our fast charging technology in less than 1 hours. Plus you can keep your Buds safe and protected and even charge them when your are out and about with the versatile charging case that is included in the package.